Certified Purcahsing Professional CPP

Certified Purcahsing Professional CPP

Category Management Courses
Course Name Certified Purcahsing Professional CPP
Code PIC01

Solution & Consultation Academy"SCA"  becomes a partner with American Purchasing Society"APS.

 The American Purchasing Society is a professional association of buyers and purchasing managers and was the first organization to establish certification for buyers and purchasing professionals.

Certifications awarded by the American Purchasing Society are important to people in purchasing for a number of valid reasons.

Business management recognizes the growing complexity and heavy demands of the purchasing operation. Executives need the assurance that their purchasing managers and buyers are adequately trained, reliable, and dedicated to their professions.

Professional certification offers individuals a wide range of important benefits.The certification designation demonstrates to current and potential employers that the employee possesses a solid foundation of experience and education in purchasing and supply chain management that can have a positive impact on bottom-line results. Certification symbolizes knowledge and accomplishment and is highly regarded by colleagues and employers. As a certified purchaser, the employee can proudly join a successful group of purchasing and supply chain professionals who are enriching and advancing their careers and their chosen professions.


 The CPP is meant for all purchasing professionals who need the right credentials and skills to set themselves firmly on the road of success. This is a foundation course that helps a professional to understand the basic tenets of international sourcing, procurement and risk management. This course is ideal for procurement and supply chain professionals who are already working in the procurement department of any organization and need a certification for a promotion or to validate their knowledge and professionalism.


Cities available for course and costs

Venue Fees ST EN Request
cairo 3000 U$ 01-01-2023 05-01-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 08-01-2023 12-01-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 15-01-2023 19-01-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 29-01-2023 02-02-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 05-02-2023 09-02-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 26-02-2023 02-03-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 26-02-2023 02-03-2023 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 27-03-2022 31-03-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 10-04-2022 14-04-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 12-06-2022 16-06-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 19-06-2022 23-06-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 26-06-2022 30-06-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 24-07-2022 28-07-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 31-07-2022 04-08-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 21-08-2022 25-08-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 04-09-2022 08-09-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 18-09-2022 22-09-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 02-10-2022 06-10-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 09-10-2022 13-10-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 13-11-2022 17-11-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 27-11-2022 01-12-2022 Request
cairo 3000 U$ 11-12-2022 15-12-2022 Request