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Training Plan


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
EL01 Power system Protection
EL02 Trends of Electric Power Generation.
EL03 Grounding In Electrical Systems And Noise Reduction In Instrument loops
EL04 Electrical Installation in Hazardous Area
EL05 Electrical Engineering Practices for Surface Facilities
EL06 Design, operation, maintenance and protection of diesel (Crude Oil) generators
EL07 Electrical Transformer Testing
EL08 Electric Power Equipment’s Test ( FAT&SAT). ( Generator, transformers, cable…etc.).
EL09 Electrical Protective Relays and Protection Systems
EL10 Electrical High Voltage Technique
EL11 Cables & Jointing Principles
EL12 Transformer Testing & Maintenance
EL13 Electrical Cables Selection & Inspection
EL14 Electrical Power System Analysis
EL15 Electrical Maintenance Principles & Applications
EL16 Electrical Distribution Systems
EL17 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems Electrical  
EL18 Batteries Maintenance, Charge, and Car Batteries
EL19 Electrical Swishing Failure Detection, Diagnosing Techniques & Repaint Method
EL20 Cable Fault Location, Defects and Maintenance
EL21 Electrical Planning & Quantity Measurement
EL22 Circuit Breakers Control Circuit
EL23 Transmission and Distribution Lines (MV,HV,EHV &UHV) design, protection and maintenance
EL24 Corrosion Control by Cathodic Protection
EL25 Electrical Testing and Commissioning of Electric Power Systems
EL26 Advanced HV and EHV Switchgear
EL27 Electrical Equipment & Control System
EL28 Inverter & UPS System Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
EL29 Design and Testing HV Outdoor Equipments (CBS, CTS, VTS, CVTS, Disconnector, ETC.)

Instrumentation & Control

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
IC01 Instrumentation and Process Control
IC02 Troubleshooting Instrumentation and Control Systems
IC03 Advanced Control Loop Analysis & Troubleshooting
IC04 Advanced Control Valve Maintenance
IC05 Static and Dynamic Measurement of Oil and Petroleum Products
IP06 Pneumatics Systems & Logic Circuits
IC07 Fundamentals of Measuring and Control for Technicians
IC08 Pipeline Control Room
IC09 Electric Motors and Control Systems
IC11 Industrial Electronics(Design&Troubleshooting)
Cairo 30/12/2018 3/1/2019 2500 U$ Request
IC12 Distributed Control System (DCS)
IC13 Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering
IC14 Control systems Upgrading
IC15 Safety Instrument Maintenance, Installation And Calibrating
IC16 Instrumentation systems and Electrical power Plant
IC17 Instruments Calibration, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
IC19 DCS / ICS Operation
IC20 Calibration Maintenance of Meters
IC21 Control Valves, Actuators and Positioners
IC22 Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Control
IC23 Controllers and Control Loops
IC24 Data Analysis Techniques for Engineers
IC25 Understanding Industrial Processes, Measurement, and Control
IC26 Metering systems and Custody Transfer
IC28 Oil & Gas Transportation- Monitoring, Safety and Measurement
IC29 Control Equipment
IC30 AC Electrical Motors and Drives
IC31 AC/DC Theory
IC32 Boiler Control Systems Engineering
IC33 Pump Station Control Systems
IC34 Advanved Process Control
IC35 Developing and Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation
IC36 Process Plant Optimization Technology and Continual Improvement
IC37 Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment Control and Protection
IC38 Tank Gauging Techniques
IC39 Sizing, Selecting, and Applying Process Control Valves
IC40 Safety Instrumented Sestems SIS: Design and Applications
IC41 System Checkout, Testing, and Startup
IC42 Gas Turbine Control and protection
IC43 Pipeline system Automation and control
IC51 Programmable Logic Control (PLC) (Basics)
IC52 Programmable Logic Control (PLC) (Advanced)
IC53 Instrumentation for Non-Instrumentation Engineer


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
AC01 Avionics
AC02 Avionics & Navigation Lights
AC04 Unmaned Air Vehichel (UAV)
AC05 Basics of Automatic Control for Airplanes
AC06 Aircraft Manufacturing Composite Materials
AC07 Risk Management and Crisis Airports
AC08 Computer Aided Design
AC09 Risk Management and Crisis Airports
AC10 Mass & Balance in Aircraft
AC11 Aircraft Mechanics
AC12 Jet Engine Control
AC13 Deisel Engine Technology
AC14 Noise Abatement in Aircraft Engines

Marine & Shipping

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
MS01 Electronic Charts & Display Information System
MS02 Vessel Traffic System
MS03 Terminal Representative and Safe Loading of Bulk Carriers
MS04 Oil, Products Cargoes Inspection & Documentation
MS05 Shipping, Terminal Operation and Chartering
MS06 Shipping Supervisors Skills
MS07 LPG Carriers operational and Technical Overviews
MS08 Oil Movement and Tank Farm Storage and Transportation
MS09 The Duties and Responsibilities of the Controller of Marine
MS10 Marine Diesel Engine
MS11 Controller Tuning & Stability
MS12 Marine Maintenance
MS13 Loading and Discharging Items at Petroleum Terminals
MS14 Safety & Security from Fire Accidents on Marine Oil Platforms
MS15 Port & Maritime Communications
MS16 Introduction to Marine Meteorology
MS17 VHF & Communication Skills
MS18 Shipping, Forwarding and Clearing Goods
MS19 Bulk Loading Operation
MS20 Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals
MS21 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Transportation and Shipping
MS22 Measurements of Cargoes on Board LNG Carriers
MS23 The Standard Procedure for Loading and Receiving an LNG Tanker
MS24 Bunkering Documentation, Regulations and Standards
MS25 Marine Pollution and Safety Measures through Oil Transportation by Tankers
MS26 The Safety Guide for Oil Tankers & Terminals
MS27 Commercial Aspects of Shipping Petroleum Products
MS28 Operation of Oil Terminals and Management
MS29 Measurement of Refrigerated and/or Pressurized Cargoes on Board Marine Gas Carriers
MS30 Guidelines for Cargo Analysis and Reconciliation of Cargo Quantities
MS31 Guidelines for Marine Cargo Inspection
MS32 Measurement and Sampling of Cargoes on Board Tank Vessels
MS33 Guidelines for Loading Inspection of Marine Vessel Cargo Tanks
MS34 Measurement of Bulk Cargoes Draught Surveys – practice
MS35 Mooring Equipment Guidelines
MS36 Port Information Guide Description
MS37 Hold Cleaning Assessment in Bulk Carries
MS38 Fundamentals of Dust Collection Systems in the Fertilizer Industry
MS39 Hydraulic Systems in Dry Bulk Handling Equipment
MS40 Reclaimers Operation & Maintenance
MS41 Urea Caking & Prevention


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
WT01 Industrial Wastewater and sewage Water Treatment
WT02 Distillation of salty water
WT03 Sewage water quality control and labs techniques
WT04 Field Water Analysis And Interpretation
WT05 Drinking Water Treatment
WT06 Chemical Additives For Separation of Water and Oil in Surface Facilities and Development
WT07 Desalination of sea Water
WT08 Oilfield Water Technologies
Casablanca 26/8/2018 30/8/2018 4250 U$ Request
WT10 Boiler Water Treatment Technology
WT11 Troubleshooting Of Chlorination System
WT12 Heat Balance In Multi-Stage Flash Limestone Water Treatment & Operation
WT13 Water Quality Laboratory
WT14 Water Supply Pumps
WT15 Oily Water Settling Process & CPI Operations
WT16 Water Scale Corrosion- Multistage Flash
WT17 Acid & Ball Cleaning System In MultiStage Flash
WT18 Water Technology in Oil and Gas Production
WT19 GUS Operation for Water Desalination Plant
WT20 Water Flooding
WT21 Under Water Equipment Inspection & Maintenance
WT22 Chlorination System Operation
WT23 Oil Water Treatment
WT24 Water Injection Treatment
WT25 Water Filtration Systems & Oil Recovery system
WT26 Basic wastewater connection engineering for non engineers (TECHNICAL)
WT27 Wastewater Treatment Process Operations
WT28 Chemical Injection Systems J87
WT29 Wastewater Treatment Processes-Phosphorus and Nitrogen in Wastewater Treatment

Information Technology

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
IT11 IP Telephony (VOIP)
IT12 IP Telephony Protocols and Architectures
IT13 Networking Technology Program
IT14 Principles of Digital Communications
IT15 Telephone Network
IT18 Wireless Networking Technology Program and The Principles of Digital Communications Wireless Communications
IT19 SSRS Reporting System For PDMS
IT20 R12.xOracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers
IT21 R12.x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite
IT22 R12.x Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals
IT23 R12.x Oracle Applications User Management Fundamentals
IT24 R12.x Oracle General Ledger Management Fundamentals
IT25 R12.x Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals
IT26 R12.x Oracle Financials Functional Foundation
IT27 R12.x Oracle Subledger Accounting Fundamentals
IT28 R12.x Oracle Financial Applications Overview
IT29 R12.x Oracle Asset Management Fundamentals
IT30 R12.x Oracle Receivables Management Fundamentals
IT31 R12.x Oracle Financials New Features Fundamentals
IT32 R12.x Oracle E-Business Tax Fundamentals
IT33 R12.x Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals
IT34 R12.x Oracle Purchasing Fundamentals
IT35 R12.x Oracle iProcurement Fundamentals
IT36 R12.x Oracle Sourcing Fundamentals
IT37 R12.x Oracle Procurement Contracts Fundamentals
IT38 R12.x Oracle Supply Chain, Order Management
IT39 R12.x Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Fundamentals
IT40 R12.x Oracle Inventory Management Fundamentals
IT41 R12.x Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Fundamentals
IT42 R12.x Inventory Management/Bill of Material & Engineering Accel
IT43 R12.x Oracle Bills of Material and Engineering Fundamentals
IT44 R12.x Oracle Manufacturing Functional Foundation
IT45 R12.x Oracle Warehouse Management Fundamentals
IT46 R12.x Oracle Order Management Fundamentals
IT47 R12.x Oracle Advanced Pricing Fundamentals
IT48 R12.x Oracle Implement Configurator
IT49 R12.x Use and Implement Oracle Incentive Compensation
IT50 R12.x Oracle Service Contracts Fundamentals
IT51 R12.x Oracle Depot Repair Fundamentals
IT52 Oracle Discrete Cost
IT53 Oracle OPM Cost
IT55 SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence
IT56 Implementing Data Models and Reports with SQL Server
IT57 Querying Microsoft SQL Server
IT58 E-Business suite Alert Management


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
DR01 Advanced Drilling Technology
DR02 Directional Drilling& Surveying
DR04 Drill & Test the Basement zone Technique
DR06 Stuck Pipe Prevention
DR07 Casing & Well  Design
DR08 Drilling Fluids Technology
DR09 Advanced Underbalanced Well Design
DR10 Fluids three phase flow measurements, problems and solutions
DR11 Drill Bits, Hydraulics& Fluid
DR12 Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Well Design & Application
DR15 Drilling Problems & Solutions
DR16 Advanced Drill String Design
DR17 Offshore Drilling Operations
DR18 Drilling Oil & Gas Wells Technology & Equipping of Head Well
DR19 Multilateral Technology of Oil & Gas Wells
DR20 BOP Stack & Well Control
DR21 Primary & Remedial Cementing Technology
DR23 Well Control
DR25 Well Intervention and Completion
DR27 Well Control and Blow out Prevention
DR28 Advance Directional Drilling & Well side - tracking Technologies
DR29 Advance Drilling Practices
DR30 Advanced Well Engineering
DR31 H2S Drilling Operations
DR32 HPHT IN Drilling Operation
DR33 Rig Inspection
DR34 Various Fishing Job and Practical Applications Guideline.
DR36 Managing Natural Flowing Well; from Completion till Process
DR37 Casing & Cementing
DR38 Directional-horzontal-and Multilaterial Drilling
DR40 Fishing Operations
DR41 Well planning and Optimization
DR42 BHA Design
DR44 Drilling Clark Operations
DR46 Extended Reach Drilling


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
EX01 Applied Petroleum Geology
EX02 AVO, Inversion and Attributes, Principles& Application
EX03 Basin Modelling
EX04 Applied Rock Mechanics
EX05 Sequence Stratigraphy of Clastic Reservoir
EX06 Wireline Formation Testing and Interpretation
EX07 Seismic Interpretation
EX08 Coring and Core Analysis
EX09 Seismic Acquisition, Processing& Interpretation
EX10 Open Hole Log Interpretation
EX11 Carbonate Reservoirs
EX12 Formation Evaluation
EX13 Integration of Log and Seismic Data
EX14 Petroleum Geochemistry
EX15 Prospect & Play Analysis
EX16 Well-Site Geology
EX17 Reservoir Damage & Remedy
EX18 Petroleum Sedimentology
EX19 Structural Geology
EX20 Exploration Significance of Sandstone and Carbonate Rock Successions
EX21 Basin Analysis
EX22 Velocity Modeling & Seismic Depth Convession
EX23 Seismic Data Processing
EX24 Well Log Interpretation
EX25 Seismic Detaling of Reservoirs
EX26 Mapping Subsurface Structures
EX27 Seismic Petrophysics
EX28 Well Placement
EX29 Advanced Wireline Logging Interpretation
EX30 Advanced Logging Methods and Formation Evaluation
EX31 Cased Hole Logging Interpretation
EX32 Petrophysics of Unconventional Reservoirs
EX33 Petrel Geology
EX34 ARCGIS Coordinate Reference Systems For Petroleum

Facility Management

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
FC01 Housing & Accommodation Management
FC02 Facilities Management ( Foundation)
FC03 Property Management
FC04 Comprehensive Services
FC05 Fleet Management
FC06 Facility Housekeeping
FC07 Facility Operation and Maintenance
FC08 Relocating Offices and Employees

General Management

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
GM01 Manageing Performance for Improvement
GM02 Team Work & Team Building
GM03 Customer Services Managers
GM04 Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking: The Professional Negotiator
GM05 Managing & Realizing Business Needs & Opportunities
GM06 Performance Management : Setting and Measuring Objectives
GM07 Simplification of Work Processes & Procedures
GM08 Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables
GM09 Managing Conflict and How to Deal with Difficult People
GM10 Communication & Interpersonal Skills
GM11 Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines
GM12 Developing Senior Management Business Development Skills
GM13 Managing & Motivating Towards Excellence : Skills, Competencies, Traits & Techniques
GM14 Technical Report Writing
GM15 Personal Effectiveness & Influencing Skills: Communicate, Negotiate, Influence & Persuade
GM16 Conflict and Attitude Management
GM17 Advanced Supervisory Skills
GM18 Time Management & Delegation
GM19 Strategy Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage
GM20 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program
GM21 Time Management & Stress
GM22 Management Skills for New Managers
GM23 Technical Specifications and Evaluating Proposals
GM24 Performance Management and Appraisal
GM25 Building High Performance Team
GM26 Strategic Crises Management for Professionals
GM27 Buisness Planning and Forecasting
GM28 Marketing Skills
GM29 Event Management Specialist & Save Cost


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
LD01 Emotional Intelligence Achieving Leadership Success
LD02 Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
LD03 Leadership Skills : Building Success through Teamwork
LD04 Task Leadership Skills
LD05 Effective Organizational Leadership
LD06 Strategic Planning for Organizational Success
LD07 Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
LD08 Effective Business Analysis , Decision Making & Developing Strategy
LD09 Building High Performance Team
LD10 Advanced Leadership Skills
LD11 Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success
LD12 Self-Awareness Program For Leaders
LD13 Advanced Leadership Communication Strategies
LD14 Mastering Change
LD15 From Management to Leadership
LD16 Strategy and Strategic Planning
LD17 Problem Solving & Decision Making
LD18 How to Negotiate, Influence &Deliver
LD19 Results Developing Business & Leadership Skills
LD20 Dealing with Conflict & Difficult People
LD21 Leadership Skills for Supervisors
LD22 Motivation ,Delegation and Problem Solving
LD23 Leadership Skills For New Managers
LD24 Maximizing Leadership Potential
LD25 Management of Impression & Difficult People
LD26 Developing Leaders for Business Impact
LD27 Executive Coaching for Leadership Development

Human Resources

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
HR01 Advanced Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills
HR02 Career Development & Succession Planning
HR03 Effective Performance Management
HR04 Performance Management, Setting Objectives, and KPIs
HR05 Advanced Human Resources Management
HR06 Essential Skills for the HR Professional
HR07 Job Evaluation & Analysis
HR08 Training Needs Analysis & Identification
HR09 Train  the Trainer 
HR10 Compliance and Business Ethics
HR11 Modern HR Management Strategies
HR12 Advanced Compensation Management
HR13 Advanced Program for Qualifying Training Specialist
HR14 HRD & Personnel Management
HR15 Enhancing Job Performance: Skills for Achieving Personal and Organisational Goals
HR16 Writing Effective Policies & Procedures
HR17 Managing and Coordinating Training  
HR18 New Aspects in HRD
HR19 Organization Manpower Structure & Job Description
HR20 Effective Performance Appraisal
HR22 Essential Skills for Effective Training Administration
HR23 CTMA (Certified Talent Management Analyst)
HR24 The Effective Human Resources Administrator

Office Manag & Public Relation

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
OR01 Managirial Skills for Office Managers
OR02 Advanced Public Relations
OR03 Professional Development for Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant
OR04 Effective Administration Skills  
OR05 Organizing & Managing Meetings
OR06 Writing Performance Appraisal Reports
OR07 Master Class for Executive Secretaries, PAS & Administrative
OR08 Computer-Based Office Administration and Organization
OR09 Managing Top Management Offices
OR10 Hospitality Events and Conferences Management
OR11 Public Relations Building, Developing and Maintaining
OR12 Administrator Accomplished Office
OR13 Executives Secretaries Skills
OR14 The Executive Assistant /Personal Assistant Masterclass
OR15 How to Excel in Secretarial Work and Managing Offices
OR16 Archiving And Filing
OR17 Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills
OR18 Secretarial Work and Effective Communication
OR19 Finance and Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries Workshop
OR20 Develop the skills of secretarial services, housing
OR21 Advanced Office Management
Cairo 30/12/2018 3/1/2019 2500 U$ Request
OR22 Management Skills for Administrative Professionals
OR23 Documents Control
OR24 Critical Competencies for Administrators & Secretaries
OR25 Methods of Using Modern Technology in Administration
OR26 Modern Technology To Manage The Public Offices and Art Meet
OR27 Excellence in Secretaries& Office Managers
OR28 Certified Administration and Office Management Professional
OR29 The Highly Productive and Effective Administrator
OR30 Enhancing Secretarial skills

Project Management

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
PM01 Engineering Project Costing    
PM02 Effective Project Risk Management
PM03 Project Planning Scheduling & Control
PM04 Advanced Project Management
PM05 Advanced Capital Project Evaluation & Decision Making
PM06 Cost Estimation
PM07 Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis
PM08 Managing Project Teams
PM09 Managing Time & Cost of Project
PM10 Strategic Project Management
PM11 Project Quality Management
PM12 Project Team Leadership
PM13 Preparation & Execution of Feasibility Studies
PM14 Technical Project Management
PM15 Building Maintenance and Renovation
PM16 Technical Specifications and Evaluating Proposals
PM17 Registration and Classification of Contractors
PM18 Advanced Contract Management with Expedition & Project Control
PM19 Cost Reduction Technique
PM20 Project Finance
PM21 Contracts & Project Management
PM22 Business Process Analysis & Modeling
PM23 Competencies of Project Management
PM24 Project Budgeting and Estimating

Purchasing, Inventory & Contract

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
PIC01 Certified Purchasing Professional -CPP
PIC02 Certified Professional Purchasing Manager-CPPM
Cairo 30/12/2018 4/1/2019 3000 U$ Request
PIC03 Advanced Contract Management
PIC05 Tendering& Management Contract
PIC06 The Complete Course on Contracts Management
PIC07 Contract Writing, Planning and Management
PIC08 Warehouses and Stock control
PIC09 The Effective Buyer
PIC10 Logistics & Transportation Techniques
PIC11 The Pillars of Procurement Management Strategy , Planning & Cost Reduction
PIC12 Inventory Planning and Stock Control
PIC13 Purchasing activities and Supplying Warehouse
PIC14 Purchasing & Contract Fraud
PIC15 Techniques for Facing Problems with Purchasing and Storing (Advanced)
PIC16 Purchasing and Warehouses
PIC17 Advanced Warehouse, Stores &Material Management
PIC18 Studying and Developing Purchasing and Storage System
PIC19 Materials Inventory and Cataloguing Specification
PIC20 Logistics and Liaison Administration in Oil Field
PIC21 Insurance& Reinsurance
PIC22 Foreign Purchases Procedures and Means of Payment in Foreign Trade
PIC23 Warehouse Manager Role
PIC24 Organizing and Managing Purchases
PIC25 Foreign and Local Purchase
PIC26 Negotiation and Contracts Preparation
PIC27 Legal Regulations for Construction and Operation Contracts Returning (BOT) Project
PIC28 Contract Development , Negotiation & Management
PIC29 Purchasing Management
PIC30 New Technologies in Stocktaking Techniques and Procedures
PIC31 Materials Expediting
PIC32 Contracts Drafting Principales and Techniques
PIC33 Contracts, Procurement and Partnering
PIC34 Inventory Materials Cataloguing
PIC35 Contract Management & Bid evaluation Process
PIC36 Best Practice of Tendering Management
PIC37 Warehouse Operation & Management
PIC38 Understanding Procurement Strategy
PIC39 Effective Contract & Risk Management
PIC40 Effective Purchasing, Tendering& Supplier Selection
PIC41 Inventory, Purchasing and Warehouse Management

Law & Arbitration

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
LW01 Development legal consultants’ skills
LW02 Legal Departments and Their Roles in Their Organizations
LW03 Law and International Litigations
LW04 Preparing and Writing the Administrative Decisions
LW05 Legal Affairs
LW06 How to Manage an Administrative Interrogation
LW07 Interrogation and Discipline
LW08 Preparing the Defense Brief of Lawsuits
LW09 Arbitration’s Techniques and procedures
LW10 International Arbitration in Petroleum Contracts
LW11 Arbitration in Work Construction and Work Contracts
LW12 Characterization of The Violations Unions
LW13 Legal Aspects of Personnel

Accounting& Financial

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
AFM01 Strategic & Financial Planning
AFM02 Advanced Accounting and Financial Analysis for Decision Making
AFM03 Best Practices in Finance & Accounting
AFM04 Budgeting, Costing & Decision Making
AFM05 Cost Analysis & Performance Measurement
AFM06 International Financial Management
AFM07 Advanced Financial Planning
AFM08 International Public Sector Accounting Standards IPSAS
AFM09 Budget Preparation Skills
AFM10 Advanced Financial Management for Non-Financial Staff
AFM11 Operational Cost Control and Effective Budgeting
AFM12 Financial Accounting & Reporting
AFM13 Payroll Management and Effective Payroll Controls
AFM14 Finance for Project Managers
AFM15 Financial Auditing and Control
AFM16 Petroleum Economics
AFM17 Finance & Accounting for the Oil & Gas Industry
AFM18 Advanced Treasury Management
AFM19 Effective Internal Auditing
AFM20 Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
AFM21 Cost Management
AFM22 Budget , Forecasting and planning
AFM23 Capital Investment Decision Making
AFM24 Cash Flow Management
AFM25 Enterprise Risk Management
AFM26 Principals Of Cost Recovery
AFM27 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
AFM28 Financial Analysis Using EXCEL
AFM29 Revenues Recognizations , Collections , Assessment & Controlling
AFM30 Integrating Budgeting Forecasting & Business Planning
AFM31 Effectively Managing & Organizing Account Payable
AFM32 Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting and Costing Control
AFM33 Strategic Financial Planning and implementation


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
MC01 Rotating equipment failure, vibration & predictive maintenance
MC02 Non Destructive Inspection Techniques For Technicians & Inspectors
MC03 Gas Turbines Operation & Maintenance
MC04 Heat Exchangers
MC05 Compressors Technology
MC06 Pressure Vessels Design
MC07 Steam Generation & Boiler Operations and Maintenance
MC08 Valves Technology
MC09 Hydraulic Equipment Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
MC10 Welding Process & Technology
MC11 Bearings and Lubrication
MC12 Mechanical Seal Technology
MC13 Machinery Vibration
MC14 Diesel Engine Construction, Operation & Maintenance
MC15 Best Practices in Maintenance
MC16 Pumps & compressors Maintenance and Operation
MC17 Steam Turbine Design and Operation
MC18 Alignment & Troubleshooting of Rotating Machinery
MC19 Valve Selection Maintenance & Repair
MC20 Corrosion Problem in Oil field facilities
MC21 HVAC System Control
MC22 Operation& Maintenance of Petrol Engine
MC23 Air Conditioning Machine Operation
MC24 Automation Maintenance Of Diesel Fuel
MC25 Advanced Pump Technology
MC26 Bearing Selection, Maintenance and Failure analysis
MC27 Slewing Ring Bearing
MC28 Rolling Mill Industry & Maintenances Training
MC29 Wind Energy
MC30 Compressors Maintenance & Troubleshooting
MC31 Pump Types, construction, Operation & Maintenance
MC32 Boiler Operations
MC33 Principles, Applications and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems
MC34 Tank Maintenance and Repair
MC35 Operation and Maintenance of Pneumatic Control Systems
MC36 Analytical Trouble Shooting of Process Machinery and Pressure Vessels
MC37 Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving
MC38 Process Plant Performance & Efficiency
MC39 Process plant start-up, commissioning & troubleshooting
MC40 Operations Abnormalities & Plant Upset

Health , Safety &Environment

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
HSE01 Accident Investigation
HSE02 Loss Prevention
HSE03 Safety Auditing
HSE04 Management of Hazardous Material
HSE05 Fire Fighting
HSE06 Fire Protection Principles
HSE07 HSE Management System
HSE08 Oil Spill Control
HSE09 HSE Awareness in Drilling Operations
HSE10 Certified HAZOP Leader: Advanced Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Methods & Leadership (HAZOP, What-if, FMEA)
HSE11 Job Hazard Analysis
HSE12 Loss Prevention Leadership
HSE13 Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Hearing Conservation
HSE14 Electrical Safety
HSE15 Industrial Safety
HSE16 Safety Analysis
HSE17 Process safety Management
HSE18 Advanced Process& Risk Management
HSE19 Defensive Driving
HSE20 Emergency Plan & Response 
HSE21 Environment Principles in Drilling
HSE22 Environment & Pollution Control in Oil Industry
HSE23 Safety Engineering & Risk Management
HSE24 International Safety Management
HSE25 Safety in Chemical Lab
HSE26 Fire & Safety Awareness for Fire Fighters
HSE27 Modern Safety Management In Industrial Plants (OSHA)
HSE28 Advanced Fire fighting
HSE29 Hazmat Managing Chemical of Release
HSE30 Food Hygiene
HSE31 Safety Audit & Hazard Identifications
HSE32 Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment
HSE33 Food Safety Supervisor
HSE34 Developing Fire& Security dispatchers Techniques and Practical Skills
HSE35 Fire and Gas Detection Systems
HSE36 Hazmat & Hazcom: Hazardous Management
HSE37 IOSH Safety Management
HSE38 Environmental Impact Management
HSE39 HSE Documentation & office Management
HSE40 Protecting Oil Organizations against Catastrophes and Accident
HSE41 Radiation Safety
HSE42 Fire Inspector

Reservoir Engineering

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
RS01 Advanced Reservoir Engineering
Jakarta 23/7/2018 26/7/2018 5000 U$ Request
RS02 Well Test Design & Analysis
RS03 Enhanced Oil Recovery
RS04 Gas Reservoir Management
RS05 Fundamental of Hydraulic Fracturing
RS06 Reservoir Characterization
RS07 Reserves Estimation
RS08 Oil Recovery Enhancement Technique
RS09 Horizontal & Multilateral Wells: Analysis & Design
RS10 Reservoir Simulation
RS11 Well Stimulation and Hydraulic fraction

Production Operation

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
PR01 Petroleum Industry Overview
PR02 Surface Production Operation & Equipment
PR03 Glycol Dehydration Systems
PR04 Surface Facilities Production Operation for Operators
PR05 Gas Production Operation
PR06 Handling of Oil & Gas Separation
PR07 Water Injection Treatment
PR08 Handling of Natural Gas Liquid Recovery
Cairo 30/12/2018 3/1/2019 2500 U$ Request
PR09 Crude Oil Processing & Desalting
PR10 Gas Draying, Sweetening And Processing
PR11 Electrical Submersible Pumps
PR12 Advanced Production  Technology
PR13 Artificial Lift Systems
PR14 Plant Shutdown systems
PR15 Modern Methods of Heavy Oil Production
PR16 Offshore Operations
PR17 Wire line Operations
PR18 Offshore Facilities Design and Construction
PR19 Gas Conditioning and Processing
PR20 Oil and Gas Production Operations Training
PR21 Process Operation Plant & Troubleshooting
PR22 Process Control System
PR23 Beam pump operations ( Sucker Rod Pump)
PR24 Gas Lift Operations
PR25 Well completion and work over
PR26 Production problems & solving
PR27 Coil tubing Technology
PR28 Water production problems, diagnostic& solution
PR29 Gas Production Engineering
PR30 Hysys
PR31 Troubleshooting Process Operation

Oil Refinery & Petrochemicals

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
RF01 Oil Refining: From Crude Oil To Petroleum Products
RF02 Basic Refinery Operations
RF03 Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation
RF04 Hydro-treating and Catalytic Reforming
RF05 Crude Distillation Tower Operations
RF06 Blending Operations
RF07 Technology of Preparation of Chemical Reagents in Chemical & Petrochemical Labs
RF08 Troubleshooting & Operating Improvements For Towers
RF09 Refining Technology
RF10 Chemistry and Structure of Materials Chemical Constructions
RF11 Refinery Gas Treating, Sour Water, Sulfur &Tail Gas


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
PL01 Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management
PL02 Corrosion Management in Production Processing Operations
PL03 Instrumentation, Controls and Electrical Systems for Facilities Engineers
PL04 Piping Systems - Mechanical Design and Specification
PL05 Pipeline Design Technology
Jakarta 31/12/2018 4/1/2019 5000 U$ Request
PL06 Pipeline Operations Technology
PL07 Pipeline Maintenance Technology
PL08 Pipeline Systems Overview
PL09 Fundamentals of Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Systems
PL10 Onshore pipeline facilities - design, construction and operations
PL11 Terminals and Storage Facilities
PL12 Valves, Actuators and Pipework
PL13 Pipeline Repairs
PL14 Fundamentals of Pipeline Engineering, Construction and Operations
PL15 Hydraulics for Pipeline Engineers
PL16 Hydraulics for Pipeline Operators
PL17 Pipe Stress Analysis Engineering
PL18 Pipeline Easement & Integrity Program 1 – MLV, Scraper Stations, Easement & CP
PL19 Pipeline Engineering
PL20 Valves and Actuators (Operation and Maintenance)
PL21 Pipeline and Piping Design, Operations, inspection, Maintenance, Repair, Integrity and rehabilitation
PL22 Control Valve Sizing, Selection and Maintenance
PL23 valve Maintenance & Valve Pressure Testing
PL24 Valves selection installation and operations
PL25 Hot Tapping & Stopping
PL26 Intelligent Pigging Selecting the Right Technology And Making the Best Use of Data
PL27 Pipeline Branch Drilling or Hot Tapping
PL28 Pipeline Project Management - From Concept and Design through Completion

Industrial Security

Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
IS01 Qualifying Industrial Security Staff
IS02 Modern Techniques for Facing Sabotages and Explosions
IS03 Security Interrogation Techniques and Investigations
IS04 Protection of Oil Organizations
IS05 Development of the Sense of Security for Industrial Security Staff
IS06 Managing the Scene in Accidents of Oil Organizations
IS07 Advanced Course for Qualifying Industrial Security Staff
IS08 Protecting Oil Organizations Against Catastrophes and Accidents
IS09 Qualifying Industrial Security Supervisors
IS10 Developing and Enhancing Information Sources Management Skills
IS11 Security Crisis and Emergency Management Skills
IS12 Modern Techniques in Interrogation and Investigation
IS13 Security Radars
IS14 Fingerprints and Science
IS15 Traffic Management
IS16 Security Management & Planning
IS17 Advance Training on Fire Alarm& Detection System
IS18 Industrial Security Principles
IS19 Developing Security Officer
IS20 Oil Establishment Security
IS21 Preparing and Forming the Security Men
IS22 Protect Oil Installations
IS23 Radiation Protection in Industry
IS24 Security Crisis Emergency Management
IS25 Industrial Security Procedure in Petroleum Companies
IS26 Industrial Safety and security
IS27 Process Safety In Hydrocarbon Industry
IS28 Advanced Accident – Incident Investigation & Analysis
IS29 Advanced Skills in the Protection , Inspection and Evaluation
IS30 Security Fingerprints - Course certified
IS31 Certified Security Manager

Process & Operation

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FP01 Ammonia Production Haldor Topsoe Technolog
FP02 Saipem Total Recycle Ammonia Stripping Technology
FP03 Urea Granulation Uhde Fertilizer Technology
FP04 Snamprogetti urea process saipem technology
FP05 Methods of Manufacture of Urea
FP06 Reduction of Continuous Ammonia Emission in a Urea
FP07 Emission Control in Urea Plants
FP08 Heat and Moisture Migration within a Porous Urea Particle Bed
FP09 Aspects of Coating Technology for Granular Fertilizers
FP10 Urea Formulation, Storage, and Handling
FP11 Ammonia and Urea Production
FP12 Overcoming a Caking Tendency in Granulated Fertilizers
FP13 Handling, Storage, and Logistics Documentation
FP14 Logistics Systems Functionality
FP15 Fundamentals of Logistics management
FP16 Recent Innovations in snamprogetti Urea Technology
FP17 Urea Granulation stamicarbon Technology
FP18 Current standard Saipem and its failure modes
FP19 Stamicarbon’s urea processes
FP20 Corrosion in Urea plants
FP21 Ammonia abatement system by water and acid scrubbing
FP22 Environmental issues facing urea fluid-bed granulation plants

Banking & Finance

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BF01 SWIFT Messages (Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee and Collections)
BF02 Evaluation of Banks and Financial Institutions Risks
BF03 New Techniques in Compliance
BF04 Universal Teller Skills
BF05 Quality Management for Banking Operations
BF06 Collection and Settlement of Retail Banking Loans
BF07 SWIFT Correspondence (Transfers: Clients and Banks)
BF08 Investment in Securities
BF09 Treasury Products
BF10 Measuring and Evaluating Banks Performance
BF11 Bank Cost Accounting
BF12 Internal Audit from the Risk Perspective
BF13 Internal Control System
BF14 Tools of Credit Analysis
BF15 Credit Administration Functions
BF16 Portfolio and Funds Management
BF17 Indicators of Errors and Fraud in Financial Statements
BF18 Risk Based Auditing
BF19 Auditing Corporate Credit
BF20 Crimes Related to Banking Operations
BF21 Legal Aspects of Credit and Finance
BF22 Credit Risk Ratings and Loan Provisioning
BF23 Methods of Measuring and Managing Risks
BF24 Operational Risk - Best Practice
BF25 Islamic Transactions According to Shari’a
BF26 Detection of Forgery and Falsification of Documents
BF27 Detection of ATM Fraud
BF28 Anti-Money Laundering
BF29 Credit Certificate


Code Course Name Venue ST EN Fees Request
MF01 Bearing Basics and seals
MF02 Bearing Failure: Causes and Cures
MF03 basic hydraulic systems and components
MF04 A hydraulic pump
MF05 Hydraulic Schematic Symbols
MF06 Lubrication System
MF07 chute design consideration for feeding and transfer
MF08 Aspects of conveyor belting
MF09 Conveyor Belt common problem trouble shooting guide
MF10 Belt Conveyors Idler Selection Procedure
MF11 types of Belt Conveyors splicing methods
MF12 bulk Conveyor Pulleys for Nitrogenous Fertilizer Production
MF13 pump Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual
MF14 Taconite and Labyrinth Seal Procedure
MF15 Pumps – Major Parts & Their Functions
MF16 basic pump hydraulics
MF17 Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
MF18 An introduction to pumping equipment
MF19 Shiploader and reclaimer hydraulic control
MF20 Belt Conveyors, Operation & Maintenance