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Category Process & Operation
Course Name Logistics Systems Functionality
Code FP14
Duration 5 Days



 Logistics Systems Functionality

Course Objectives


·     Understanding of the role played by the logistics and supply chain function, particularly in terms of its key activities and ultimate aim.

· Develop optimized work processes covering: operational, delivery, transportation, and inventory handling, security, and financial areas including cost management and reduction.

·   Appreciate the role and impacts of the logistics function both within the organization and externally.

· Take away specific action plans to further develop their role and organizational benefit.

·  Recognize trends and modern practices in supply chain and logistics management.

·     Practice forecasting and inventory optimization techniques.

·     Appraise item categories and formulate appropriate sourcing strategies.

·     Use value adding warehousing techniques.

Course Outline

Introduction to logistics

What Is Logistics?

Why Logistics Matters?

Logistics System

Logistics Cycle: Organizing Logistics System Activities

Key Logistics Terms

Inventory Role & Importance of Inventory

Inventory Management

Materials Management


Warehousing / Distribution

 Packaging and Materials Handling

Global Logistics

Logistics Strategy

Logistics Information Systems

Levels of Strategy: Corporate, Business and Functional

Organization for Effective Logistics Performance

Financial issues in Logistics Performance

 Integrated Logistics

Role of 3PL & 4 PL

Role of warehousing in logistics

Warehousing network design

Configuration of warehousing space

Value adding activities

Warehousing equipment and tools

Reverse logistics 

Who Should Attend?

Directors,  Administrators , Executives. Technicians responsible for the operation , Consultants and in charge of the application of design or re-engineering of the supply chain, Professionals or technicians of the area who, due to their activity, require knowledge of logistics and / or Industrial distribution.




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Istanbul 4750 U$ 22/7/2019 26/7/2019 Request
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