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Category Accounting& Financial
Course Name Strategic Financial Planning and implementation
Code AFM33
Duration 5 Days



Strategic Financial Planning

& Implementation


Course Objectives

·    To introduce the concept of strategy making and its benefits

·     To understand the role of leadership in strategy making

·    To understand the link between involvement and accountability

·    To provide insights into developing implementation plans

·    To develop an actionable financial plan with controllable milestones

·   To understand the pitfalls of strategic planning

Course Outline

What is strategic and financial planning

·  The role of strategy in business and why it matters

·  The ingredients of a good strategy

·  Customer analysis and market segmentation

·  Effective strategy making processes with proper financial planning

·   Tools for understanding industry developments

·   The core strategic financial choices for a business

·   Who is responsible for strategy making and who should be held accountable?

·   Lessons Learned

Integrating strategic and financial planning with operational management

·    Contrasting management with strategic leadership

·    The competencies of strategic leadership

·    The top manager as strategist

·    The CFO as strategist

·    Using Scenario analysis and environmental scanning

·    SWOT and other acronyms

·    Corporate Culture and its effect on strategy and financial planning

·    The operational manager’s role in strategy

·    Lessons Learned

Using objective evidence for strategic and financial planning

·    Analyzing the market and the customers

·    Understanding the competition

·    Financial analysis: past, present, and future

·    Knowing the core strengths and weaknesses of your business

·    Identifying your core competitive advantage

·    Developing Vision statements that make a difference

·    Developing mission statements that make a difference

·    Examining alternative strategies

·    Creating the strategic plan

·     Lessons Learned

Implementing strategic and financial plans

·    Preparing the ground for change in the business via financial planning

·    Communicating the strategy and control points

·    Overcoming internal political resistance

·    Reviewing and measuring progress with proper variance analysis

·    Turnaround and corrective measures

·    Managing implementation as a continuous process

·    Lessons Learned

Becoming a leader of strategic financial planning

·    Building strategy making and implementation into the role of managers at all levels

·    Developing strategic leadership capability

·    Creating organizational commitment to the business strategy

·    Leading strategy making teams effectively

·    Incentive systems

·    Balanced Scorecard and other performance management systems

·    Realistic action planning

·    Lessons Learned



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