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Category Electrical
Course Name Design and Testing HV Outdoor Equipments (CBS, CTS, VTS, CVTS, Disconnector, ETC.)
Code EL29
Duration 5 days


 Design and Testing HV Outdoor Equipments

(CBS, CTS, VTS, CVTS, Disconnector, ETC.)

Course Description

This course is designed to bring students of different disciplines to a certain level so as to equip them with basic concepts of power systems. Students will learn  the methods of design and tests for different outdoor high voltage equipment configuration , design and tests .

Course Objectives

By the end of this Course the participant will be able to:

  • Information about HV equipment hardware .
  • Design and test for :

§  HV outdoor equipment configration

§  HV Circuit breakers different types

§  HV Voltage transformer

§  HV Current transformer

§  HV Isolating switches

§  HV Disconnector switches

§  HV surge arrestors

Course Outline

Day -1

  • Pretest
  • Registration
  • Outdoor HV Substation hardware
  • Substation layout considerations
  • Bus arrangements and bus design considerations
  • Site selection and environment considerations
  • Industrial and utility substations
  • Safety, operating and maintenance considerations
  • Typical single line diagrams
  • Types of faults
  • Symmetrical components

Day -2

  • Fault calculations, software
  • Types of circuit breakers
  • Classification of circuit breakers
  • Breaker selection and ratings
  • Disconnect switch and circuit breakers
  • Power transformers and reactors

Day -3

  • Instrument transformers, voltage and current
  • Power and control cables
  • Station battery
  • Principles of insulation co-ordination
  • Classification of over voltages
  • Surge arresters and choice of arrester rating
  • Standard insulation levels
  • The concept of protective levels and protective margins
  • Protective margins in insulation co-ordination

Day -4

  • Capacitor arrangements and bank ratings
  • Capacitor and bank protection
  • Harmonic resonance caused by shunt capacitors
  • Review of relay applications, industrial and utility systems
  • Transmission line protection
  • Bus protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Medium voltage feeder protection

Day -5

  • Circuit breaker test
  • Isolating switches test
  • Voltage transformer test
  • Current transformer test
  • Measuring instrument test
  • Isolators test
  • Switchgear opearation and tests
  • Post test




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Casablanca 4250 U$ 14/7/2019 18/7/2019 Request
Dubai 4250 U$ 10/11/2019 14/11/2019 Request