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Category Industrial Security
Course Name Certified Security Manager
Code IS31
Duration 5 days



Certified Security Manager

Course Description

Due to the increasing terrorist activities in the world, which has created a constant threat to all personnel and materials of our society? It was paramount to need among the Industrial and other commercial Organizations, to acquire various facets of modern Industrial and Specialized Security Management.

This course highlights and suggests various measures for all sizes of commercial/corporate houses and various organizations to reorganize the Industrial security and safety setup in their respective premises. effectiveness of prevailing Security Management and will prove as a tremendous motivating force for achieving their cherished and desired goals by countering unlawful elements belonging to various terrorist outfits in a most effective manner. 

Course Objectives

By the end of this course trainees will be able to:

Ø  Understand the need for a complete Security System

Ø  Know the main components of a Security System

Ø  Understand the interaction of components

Ø  Know and understand the main terminology of security design

Ø  Understand concepts of:

     §   Defense in Depth

     §   Maximum Delay

     §   False and Nuisance Alarms

     §   Synergy

Ø  Know the advantages and disadvantages of the major components

Ø  Design a security system in a simulated situation

 Training Instrument and Tools

The selected instrument used are costumed due to security international Caliber and according to the most recognized security bodies


ourse Outline


Ø  Security Definitions

Ø  What is security

Introduction To Security Management

Ø  Security principles

Ø  Functions of security

Ø  Security surveys

Ø  The law

Security Risk Management

Ø  Threats Assessment And Analysis

Ø  Bomb threats and explosives

Ø  Road safety

Security Operations Management

Ø  Security & Emergency System

Security Policies & Procedures

Ø  Instruction Procedure

Security Design

Ø  Stages of Security

Security levels

Ø  Minimum security  level

Ø  Law security level

Ø  Medium Security level

Ø  High security level

Ø  Maximum security level

Security Element

Ø  Physical Security

Ø  Manning Security

Principles of security

Introduction to Security Surveying

Security survey

Ø  Security Survey Definition

Ø  Survey Aim and Objectives

Ø  Nature & Level of Threat

Ø  Roles of security survey

Ø  Sequence of Survey Activity

Ø  Actions by the Security Dept.

Ø  Background Research

Ø  Pre-Survey Risk

Ø  Agreeing Scope and Objectives

Ø  Conduct - Update Full Risk Assessment

Ø  Examination of current security levels

Ø  Sequenced Examination

Ø  Survey Procedure

Ø  Survey Report

Ø  Security Review

Ø  Security Audit

Ø  Recommendations and Reporting

Ø  Security Survey Questionnaire

Skills Needed For Security Personnel

Ø  Code of Conduct

Ø  Characteristics of security officer

Ø  On all Cost Security Officer MUST

Ø  Customer Service Attributes

Ø  Security Uniform

Ø  Vigilance

Ø  Observation and Surveillance

Ø  Alertness

Ø  Use Of The Pocket Notebook

Ø  Curtsy and Basic Etiquettes On The Phone

Ø  Telephone Procedure

Ø  Patrolling

Ø  Search

Ø  Deteriorating Standards Of Performance


How To Appraise Security Performance

1.      Why is it important to Conduct Performance Evaluations?

2.      What is the difference between the slandered performance appraisal and the security performance appraisal

3.      Security Performance Management Cycle

4.      Functions of Security Performance Appraisal

5.      Types of Performance to Measure

6.      Performance Appraisal Methods

7.      Performance Raters

8.      Performance Feedback

9.      7 Steps in the Performance Evaluation Process

10.  Why Performance Evaluations???

11.  Evaluations Tips for : Supervisors- Employees

12.  Developmental Areas

13.  Performance SMART Goals

14.  Effective Feedback Is…

15.  Rating Pitfalls to Avoid



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