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Category Health , Safety &Environment
Course Name Process safety Management
Code HSE17
Duration 5 days


Process Safety Management

Course Objectives

This is a foundation course for Process Safety Management as applicable to petroleum refinery. The course provides an in-depth study of each PSM element of HSEMS PSM program and how the overall architecture applies to each. The course introduces each PSM element and the specific guidelines for integrating PSM element requirements into other corporate programs (such as quality and reliability programs) and evaluating program compliance throughout the implementation phase. This course also covers how to expand your PSM program to include the RBPS (risk-based process safety) elements as proposed by the CCPS (Centre for Chemical Process Safety), AICHE, PSM program.

Course Outline

  To interpret the performance-based requirements of the U.S. OSHA PSM and EPA risk                management standards, and learn about related industry standards

·         The elements of process safety that are missing from typical PSM systems, including Human Factors elements (communication, human system interface, work environment, staffing, and fitness for duty), Facility Siting element, Project

·         Risk Management, Senior Leadership and Accountability.  The Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS) guide (2007) from CCPS/AICHE is reviewed so you can understand how to close critical gaps

·         Multiple options for implementing an effective need-specific program

·         Specific guidelines for developing cost effective written programs tailored for each PSM element, whether for a single

·         facility or a corporation

o   How to avoid costly implementation mistakes

o   For each element:

o   How to develop written programs to meet PSM requirements

o   How to incorporate and integrate the PSM element requirements into other corporate programs (other corporate management systems)

o   Key performance indicators

o   How to evaluate program compliance throughout implementation

o   How to begin implementation at your company

o   Additional training necessary for implementation of specific elements

Course Plan:

Day 1

·         Pre-test

·         Management Systems for Chemical Process Safety

·         Major Considerations for Developing and

·         Implementing a Process Safety Management System

·         Characteristics of a Management System

·         Accountability: Objectives and Goals

·         Continuity of Operations

·         Continuity of Systems

·         Continuity of Organization

·         Quality Process

·         Management Accessibility

·         Communications

·         Example of the Management of Process

Day 2

·         Process Knowledge and Documentation

·         Process Definition/Design Criteria

·         Protective Systems

·         Process Risk Management Decisions

·         Normal and Upset Conditions

·         Examples of Typical Protective

·         Systems/Equipment Data

·         Process Safety Review Procedures for Capital

·         Projects

·         Hazard Reviews

·         Sitting

·         Plot Plan

·         Process Design and Review Procedures

·         Project Management Procedures and Controls

·         Plant Example of Organization of Process

·         Hazard Review for Appropriation Requests

Day 3

·         Process Risk Management

·         Hazard Identification

·         Risk Analysis of Operations

·         Reduction of Risk

·         Residual Risk Management

·         Management of Change

·         Change of Process Technology

·         Change of Facility

·         Organizational Changes

·         Variance Procedures

·         Guideline for Review of Plant Changes or

·         Modifications

·         Pre start up review

Day 4        

·         Process Equipment Integrity

·         Human Factors

·         Training and Performance

·         Incident Investigation

Day 5

·         Emergency plan

·         Operating procedure

·         Company Standards, Codes, and Regulations

·         Audits and Corrective Actions

·         Final Test

Who Should Attend?

      Safety Engineers



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